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The Hawaii Ironman grew from a very humble beginning. There really is not much more than a few friends discussing who was the best athlete — a runner, cyclist or swimmer.It was suggested that a race to invent that included all three elements. That day, an event that was born that would change the landscape of sports history. What started as a 2. April Waikiki rough water swim, a bike ride around the island, followed by Honolulu Marathon races originated mult-event that had never existed before. Even races such as the Eco-Challenge originated from a small group of friends. Little did they know that the race would be a step day to Kona on the Big Island and exploit to prominence in 1982 when ABC TV covered the race. Viewers were enthralled when Julie Moss collapsed in view of Kona and then again the feet of the finish line. Who would have believed then that triathlon is prominence as an Olympic event that attracts athletes from countries around the world. How could imagine professionals may be competing for a prize huge and mostly fans from all corners of the earth would challenge the Ironman distance, forever changing their lives for the better when they realized their dream of crossing the distant finish line. The amazing thing is, no end in sight. The races are filling in the historical record year after year as individuals from all walks of life are "Ironstruck" and hear the call of the gods Iron drawing this incredible event. If you are considering challenging the Ironman for the first time, I sincerely hope you do. Everyone I know who has reached the finish line of the Ironman has been a life changing experience. There are countless Ironman race day stories that are shared by those who have been there. Some are content to finish a race, but there are also those who return year after year to feel that special bond that can only be Ironman experience by taking part in the frantic start, the mass of sometimes frightening bathroom, a long bike ride filled ups and near misses and harrowing descent curves and a marathon that will test the will, the spirit and courage of all those who assume this challenge. All thanks to friends who had an idea that became one of the worlds most amazing sporting events that gives ordinary people the opportunity to do something very, very special.

Ironman Triathlon


7326971284 6326b328fe Triatholon Get sponsored and if so, how do you sponsored? I really like to participate in triathlon events, but I am very poor. I do not know if I could get sponsorship or need a personal trainer? If not your all information you need to know about the team well. Today I learned that … Triathlon is not a cheap sport. First, if you are serious about this, you need a good bike, and if you're really serious, you probably have more than one bike, you would have a bike that is only used for training. Each event has entry fee, and you would be doing quite a bit of traveling to get to the facts, so you need any king of transportation. You also need equipment and clothing for other events. Sponsorship will mostly established athletes, who have a record to show. To begin, try to make one for fun, no expectations, you will quickly see if the sport is for you.


7323059468 1c34d55b14 Triatholon I'm training for my first and I'm looking Triatholon a road bike in good condition for the conduction. I've been training on a stationary bike at the gym and I need to get the miles done on a road bike. I've looked at the local shops, bicycle Houston Tx, and the prices are pretty much what you want to invest in a bike. Any suggestions on brands and dealers would be great. You know what I found? Ebay. Start with bikes 4 years, aluminum, speeds of at least 10. Travelling in a Tri is much like riding a century. Bike fit and comfort is more important than weight savings. If your position and pedal stroke feels comfortable for you, chances are they are more efficient as well. So invest in a set of Tri Aero Bars. Around $ 60, and practice with them. More than you think you should. If you wait until the day of your triathlon, you dump, clean, stand up, or harm another person the first time that wobbles. Make sure that you are riding and sprinting intervals, not only long distance, low-effort turns on a stationary bike. Anything for one of the largest manufacturers of cycle will suit you well when you are comfortable with the bike, has a great team that can rotate for one hour at high speed, and build up the time in preparation for the day of the race. Good Luck. And for Chris S under me. I agree with one expediture show purely optional, but I've found that come in very handy when you rest your arms and shoulders before or after a long bath. My group Veloton actually restricts their use in TT by 2 or 3 guys in a Paceline riding aerobars last year. A direct result of poor planning by the organizers, but it goes without saying that the group ended up with a broken collarbone, a broken collarbone, three green-stick fractures arm and yards of road rash. They also have to DITTO shoes and pedals. Above all, however, be comfortable. Do not buy new equipment the day before their Tri. If you have not trained in or on it, most likely only hurt you.

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